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ProxyEvery Anonymous Online is the best anonymity Software for Identity and Privacy Protection
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14 November 2013

Editor's review

In our quest for privacy while online, some of us may consider using proxy servers to mask our IP addresses. However while choosing such one needs to keep in mind that the tool needs to cover applications as well in order to completely make you anonymous. For example if the tool just applies proxy address to your browser and fails to apply them IMs then you can detected. In other words keeping applications out of loop would make you vulnerable and even common plug-ins such as Flash players can give away your location. Of the several effectual tools that you may come across, the ProxyEvery Anonymous Online 2.3 stands out for its holistic treatment of privacy as it can cover every Windows based application.

Once you launch the ProxyEvery Anonymous Online 2.3 application you are greeted by a sleek interface which is quite intuitive. To begin with you can just click on the Start Anonymous and initiate the proxy. The interface offers you the choice to apply to proxy settings on specific browsers. It also gives you explicit field to enter all the application names that interact with the internet and apply proxy on them. The application gives you choice to select IP addresses from a host of countries and you can also choose to exclude any bunch of them. The basic tabs are placed on the bottom of the screen and using the connections tab you can check the status of the proxy connections. It is noteworthy to consider that the application includes as many as over 4000 proxies which gives you extensive scope to hide your identity.

In light of the optimum performance that ProxyEvery Anonymous Online 2.3 displays in preserving our privacy we mark it with a score of 3 rating stars. Further its capacity to dynamically change IPs also adds to its repute.

Publisher's description

ProxyEvery Anonymous Online is the best anonymity Software for Identity and Privacy Protection. This handy software hide your real IP address & location with an Anonymous Proxy Chain and keeps you private and secure, wherever you connect.
Instead of being watched and targeted, you are invisible. Every moment you are online, You surf through a proxy chain where you simply disappear to companies, scammers, government and thieves. It's amazing and it's about time.
Very easy-to-use, just click "Start Anonymous" to start using ProxyEvery Anonymous Online
Access 4000+ Anonymous Proxy IP's in more than 50 Different Countries, connect with unlimited Speeds/Bandwidth.
Complatable with every app in you windows system.
Automatically build proxy chain to Protect against identity theft.
Encrypt ICQ, AIM, AOL and other IMs conversations.
Free upgrade lifetime.

Take control of your online privacy, once and for all. It is the time to declare our digital freedom with our comprehensive protection, privacy, and anonymity tool.
ProxyEvery Anonymous Online
ProxyEvery Anonymous Online
Version 2.3
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